I’m just going outside and it may be some time

Multimedia performance based on the Journal of Robert Falcon Scott (Royal Navy Officer and explorer known for his fatal expedition to the South Pole in 1910). The Journals give an insight into the hazardous quest of the Terra Nova Expedition ending with Scotts last entry, reading Would we stay alive, i would have a lot of stories to tell. The piece neglects the idea of a stringent narration, offers variance of realities, questioning a past, a present, a future. What is and what has been. What hasn’t and where. Where did we get lost.  The video installation runs parallel to the 3 text layers arranged without linearity by Szalay: the first layer sets off on the tracks of the missing polar explorer Lawrence Oats and is accompanied by web-cam videos from a climate research station at the South Pole; the second layer searches the place that does not exist, the childlike awaited zero point of a individual utopia; the third layer is a critical approach to the flooding events of the current geopolitical situation and a visual summery of the 20th centuries’s most remarkable moments, from the first moving image (muybridge’s studies of motion) to september 11th attacks and its implications. the 3 channel video installation was made with internet and archive footage.

antonia cattan (video) christoph szalay (text) roberta busechian and theresa strodges (sound)

performance length 30’ 4’ /excerpt video documentation of the performance at galleria liebig12, berlin, 2015